Developing Software for the Agile Digital World




“Agility, the Core Competence to Adapt to Change, is Critical for a Successful Digital Organisation”

Agile Technology Partners develops and implements Applications and Integrations based on Low/No-Code platforms. It's fast, connected, secure and gives you the agility you need. We work project based or provide the resources needed.

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1. Build

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Develop, Test, Deploy, Change and Manage your applications with a Rapid Application Development Platform (RAD, aPaaS or hpaPaaS):

  • User Experience & Interface
  • (Native) Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Web-applications and Portals
  • Business Process Orchestration
  • Document Workflow
  • Two-Sided Platforms
  • Legacy Enhancement

2. Connect

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Integrate your applications with any asset anywhere anytime with an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) or API Management solution:

  • Integrate applications, data and things
  • Cloud2Cloud
  • Cloud2On-Premise
  • Hybrid
  • Big Data Integration
  • IoT integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Managed File Transfer

3. Secure

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Secure your Operations, Access, Applications and Data with an API Security Gateway that is built with security at its core:

  • API Security Gateway
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Integrate with Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Identity Federation & Single Sign On
  • Universal Integration
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Message Enhancement

Every software component has the following key characteristics:
Low/No-Code; Standard Building Blocks; On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid deployments with the same code base; Agile; Built for Change; Fast Development Cycles; Lower overall cost.

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Build, Deploy, Measure, Learn

Agile is more then an implementation method for software solutions build for change, it’s a way of thinking about business models and organisations.
Start with a small project, learn and make it successful.
Empower citizen developers who understand the business and IT principles and make them highly productive.
Implement continuous change and become a learning organisation.

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Think New Technology driven Digital Business Models

Successful agile digital business have certain things in common. They think Digital First, modern architecture and let technology drive their business models. They use new technology as a competitive advantage in their internal and external operations.
We have moved from monolithic and 3-letter acronyms to Software Defined Everything. This trend has come together with matured cloud technology, low/no-code development platforms and agile implementation methods and forms the foundation for the Agile Digital Business.
Finally Business and IT can bridge the divide and share the same responsibilities and goals.

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Think Digital Framework

The Think Digital Framework consists of solution components from partners and follows design and architectural principles to achieve an Agile solution. Solution Defined Everything, SDX.

Another view is to call it a loosely coupled layered architecture of services and software components.

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Think Agile Digital Business Core System

The Think Digital Core Business System is the critical part of Digital Business. It handles events, services, data, apps and does so in a way that is built for change. It manages in a layered structure user interactions, business processes and logic, data and event orchestration, transformation and mediation.

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Agile Implementations

The Agile Implementation Method means that the project is divided in sprints and each sprint results in a measurable business result. Needed changes can be implemented quickly at an early stage and the business is heavily involved in the project.
The team consists of local and near shore partners.

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Work in a Partner Business Model

Agile Technology Partners is a networked partner organisation. We use solution partners for components of the Think Digital Framework, implementation partners for design and implementation and manage the projects, vendor contracts, resources and everything that is needed for success. Our total reach is more than 200 professionals.

Agile Technology Partners:

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Innovation and Business Case Development

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Software Selection

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Program-, Project Management

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Agile Implementation & Change

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At Agile Technology Partners we believe that agility, the core competence to adapt to change, means thinking different about technology and business models and is critical for a successful Digital Organisation.

We embrace new technologies, new implementation methods and new business models that are essential for success in the ever faster changing world around us.

We are organised in a networked partner business model and select and implement software solutions that are build for change.

Think differently…