Developing Software for the Agile Digital World




“Agility, the Core Competence to Adapt to Change, is Critical for a Successful Digital Organisation”

Agile Technology Partners designs and develops Applications and Integrations based on Low/No-Code platforms.

It's fast, connected, secure and gives you the agility you need.

We work project based or provide the resources needed in a mixed Local and Near-Shore delivery model.

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Agile Digital Business is Different

Business & IT need to align and cooperate

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Adapt to a fast changing environment

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Iterative Solution Design & Development

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Connected and Integrated Apps, Data and Things

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Multidisciplinary Teams, early validation

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Hybrid Deployments: Cloud, On-Premise, both

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That's why we like the Natural Synergy of:

Solution Design Thinking


Agile Implementation Thinking


Low/No-Code Development platforms

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Iterative Design & Development

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Multi Disciplinary Teams

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Early Validation

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Stakeholders involvement

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Eliminate Waste

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Shared Understanding

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Team Decision Ownership

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No more bloated unmanageable requirement docs

"Walk the Talk"

... and seeing is believing.
You're working in a business line and want that one application finally fixed, you need an app fast to support your business idea, or you're working in a IT department and have a huge backlog and want to see for yourself how really fast developing an application with a Low/No-Code platform is? How easy it is to change (and adapt to changing needs)?
We are more then happy to give you a demo, tell us your story and we'll set up a demo for you.

The way we work

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Agile Digital Business Initiatives:

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Native Mobile Applications

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Cloud 2 Cloud Integration

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Workflow Automation

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B2B / EDI Partner integration

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On-Premise 2 Cloud Integration

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Responsive Web Applications

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IoT / Big Data Integration

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Business Process Management

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Managed File Transfer

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Legacy Enhancement

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API Management & Security

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At Agile Technology Partners we believe that agility, the core competence to adapt to change, means thinking differently about technology and business models and is critical for a successful Digital Organisation.

We embrace new but proven technologies, new implementation methods and new business models that are essential for success in the ever faster changing world around us.

We are organised in a networked partner business model and do projects and/or provide the resources needed to deliver software solutions that are build for change and do so in a mixed local and near-shore delivery model.

Think differently…