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    About us

    Agile Technology Partners is an innovative Business & IT service organisation with a strong focus on application development and integration.

    We do application development with the low-code platform of OutSystems or with custom development and work closely with our partner Inforza Projecten B.V. Integration is done with cloud based integration platforms and API security and management.

    "Digital Transformation or "Digital Business" are widely used terms with different meanings. For us "Digital Transformation" means that an organisation achieves the core competence to be able to adapt to change supported by modern technology. It is about people, supported by technology.
    Digital Transformation is about the shift away from an operational centric perspective to a focus on the customer experience along every step of their journey with you.
    The challenge is how to handle this shift with new technology to achieve this and conceptualise, build and deploy your solutions.

    Below you will find an overview of our services, feel free to contact us for more information.

    Our Services

    Together with our partner Inforza Projecten B.V. we offer Business and IT services for the design, development and deployment of web based applications and/or native mobile applications, fully integrated with your existing systems either in the cloud or on premise.

    Our work is focussed on adding value to your organisation and we use the scrum framework.

    We work project based from analysing the issue at hand, creating the solution and setting up the project, up to support & maintenance. If you manage the project yourself, we can provide you with dedicated development teams or individual professionals. At request we do recruitment for certain roles and call on our extensive network to find the right professional for you.



    Custom Development

    Design Thinking Workshops

    Code Analysis

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    Cloud Based Integration

    API Security & Management

    Digital Process Platform

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    Project Based

    Dedicated Development Teams

    Individual Professionals


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    Our Resources

    We work with Inforza B.V., a Business & IT consulting organisation that started in 1995 so, there is a lot of experience available. Our professionals can support you with your digital transformation journey in every aspect.

    The starting point is your organisation, your business processes and your business goals. Some of the assignments are: Defining a digital business strategy, building an architectural roadmap, organising design workshops and of course the designing, development, testing and support & maintenance of IT solutions.

    Below you'll find some of the profiles:

    Business Consultancy

    Business Analysts

    Information Analysts

    Product Owners

    Project Management

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    IT Consultancy

    Enterprise Architects

    Solution Architects

    Integration Architects

    Scrum Masters

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    OutSystems Developers

    Application Developers

    Mobile Developers

    Integration Developers

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    The Way we Work

    Using an application development platform, low-code or no-code, and working agile, does not mean that you don't have to think through the overall enterprise architecture and solution architecture. The same accounts for documenting your development efforts.

    When doing a project we like to get involved from the start, help to define the business case and the overall plan and goals, it is the best guarantee for succes and high throughput from the start. Time invested during the start will pay itself back.

    We can provide you with the right professional at the right time or do the whole project for you.

    Get to know you and your Business

    Build the Business Case

    Select the Team

    Solution Design & Architecture

    Build the Product Solution

    Operational Management & Support

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