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Think about Design: Eliminate uncertainty on the solution direction

If you are unsure of the direction to take to create a solution or you want to create involvement of all stakeholders, Design Thinking is an excellent way forward. It's a creative, iterative process that enables finding and prototyping the right solution and design direction.
It has a natural fit with Agile Software Design Frameworks.

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Think in Agile Frameworks

The Agile Implementation Framework, the picture is about Scrum, means that the project is divided in sprints and each sprint results in a measurable business result. Needed changes can be implemented quickly at an early stage and the business is heavily involved in the project.
In short: The team consists of a product owner and scrum master who are local (and when needed at location with the team), and a near shore development team, complemented with a delivery manager.

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Think in a Partner Business Model

Agile Technology Partners is a networked partner organisation. We work with solution partners for development platforms, implementation partners for solution design, implementation and we manage the projects, vendor contracts, resources and everything that is needed for success. Our total reach is over more than 200 professionals, local and near-shore.

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Think Digital First

Doing Think Digital First is nothing less then taking a critical look at your IT landscape and determine where each component fits in the business architecture as pictured.
The next step is to assess where new technology like Low/No-Code platforms and new delivery models give you the most business value and Agility you need.
Followed up by the hard part: Gathering stakeholders, budget and get going.

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Think New Technology driven Digital Business Models

Successful agile digital business have certain things in common. They think Digital First, implement a modern architecture and let technology drive their business models. They use new technology as a competitive advantage in their internal and external operations.
We have moved from monolithic and 3-letter acronyms to Software Defined Everything. This trend has come together with matured cloud technology, DevOps, low/no-code development platforms and agile implementation frameworks and together form the foundation for the successful Agile Digital Business.
Finally Business and IT can bridge the divide and share the same responsibilities and goals.